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Palazzo Wanny is a modern and versatile facility that offers a lot of options for the planning of your event. The audience space can be easily shrunk or increased thanks to the retractable bleachers, in order to meet the specific need of your event. Whether you are planning a large corporate convention, a medical conference, a team building event or a workshop, Palazzo Wanny can provide the perfect space to host your event.

The retractable bleachers offer many space configuration options, so you can adapt the hall to your specific needs. This means you can create a room configuration that perfectly fits your event, with enough space for all participants and necessary equipment. Furthermore, retractable bleachers allow you to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere for your event, making sure that all participants enjoy the experience to its fullest.

Moreover, has a wide range of state-of-the-art technical equipment, such as high-quality sound and lightning system, projectors and screens, microphones and sound amplification systems. This means you will have everything you need to ensure the success of your event. In addition, the professional staff of Palazzo Wanny is always available to assist you wuth the organisation of your event to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Summing up, if you’re looking for a wide and versatile venue to host your event, with brand-new technical equipment, a professional staff and a wide range of services Palazzo Wanny is definitely a winning choice.